free web site hit counter August 13-December 30, 2016 - Philadelphia - 85 photos - The Philadelphia skyline at sunrise, sunset, day, and night from new angles including the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway and a bridge over the Cooper River in New Jersey. Highlights of Philly's newest under-construction skyscrapers: the Comcast Technology Center, FMC Tower at Cira South, and The Bridge in Old City. Street-level photos in Washington Square, Gayborhood, and Rittenhouse Square neighborhoods. May 3, 2014 - Posted July 19, 2014 - Brisbane, Australia - 86 photos - Views of (and from) bridges crossing the Brisbane River, including the skyline from the Story Bridge. The skyline grows gradually closer and more impressive during a walk along the Clem Jones Promenade and Kangaroo Point Bikeway. Photos of the Central Business District area including Queen Street. November 4, 2013 - Posted December 18, 2014 - Maho Beach, Saint Martin - 47 photos - Airplanes landing at Princess Juliana International Airport pass extremely close overhead at Maho Beach, one of the world's most famous plane-watching locations. July 27, 2012 - Posted March 11, 2013 - Philadelphia - 59 photos - A helicopter flight over Philadelphia including Center City, South Philadelphia, the Delaware River and Camden, and the Schuylkill River and Fairmount Park. Aerial photos of the Comcast Center, Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, Philadelphia City Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and Lincoln Financial Field. May 17-19, 2011 - Posted June 6, 2011 - Clearwater, FL - 66 photos - Two days on foot in Clearwater. Downtown walk includes Cleveland Street, Scientology's "Super Power Building," and views from under the Clearwater Memorial Causeway. A walk to the top of the causeway gives beautiful views from above the city and marina, and shows off the causeway's photogenic spiral walkway. March 16, 2011 - Posted March 26, 2011 - Philadelphia - 23 photos - "South Broad Street Facade Lighting - Philadelphia City Hall from the south, framed on both sides by brightly-lit, multicolored buildings. July 30-August 20, 2010 - Posted August 28, 2010 - Philadelphia - 49 photos - "Below the Trophy Towers" - Looking up and at street level under Philadelphia's tallest buildings, including the Comcast Center, One and Two Liberty Place, the BNY Mellon Center, and the Bell Atlantic Tower. June 6-10, 2010 - Posted July 10, 2010 - Philadelphia - 20 photos - The Philadelphia skyline, Boathouse Row, the Cira Centre, and the Comcast Center from the Spring Garden Street Bridge. August 9, 2008 - Posted May 9, 2009 - Pittsburgh - 39 photos - Sunset from the West End Overlook, with views of Pittsburgh's skyline, bridges, and the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers. June 20, 2008 - Posted March 21, 2009 - Philadelphia - 47 photos - Close-up views of Philly's largest and most famous skyscrapers from 500 feet above the streets, on the roof of 1818 Market Street. Featured buildings include the Comcast Center, One and Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, City Hall, and the Independence Blue Cross Tower. April 22, 2008 - Posted April 24, 2008 - Philadelphia - 50 photos - On the day of the Pennsylvania Presidential Primary, National media reporters and vans descend on South Broad Street and CNN sets up shop on Eakins Oval. Supporters of Obama and Clinton picket in Dilworth Plaza near City Hall. Other photos show the beginning of Spring in the city, and the Love Park fountain dyed green for Earth Day. March 22, 2008 - Posted March 23, 2008 - Philadelphia/National Park, NJ - 25 photos - The USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier docks at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Seen from National Park, NJ at the Red Bank Battlefield Park. March 13, 2008 - Posted March 25, 2008 - Philadelphia - 77 photos - A tour of three different units in the luxurious Ayer Condominiums building on Washington Square, original home of the nation's first advertising agency. Views from the roof show Washington Square, surrounding buildings, and the skyline from 200 feet up. March 5-8, 2008 - Posted March 11, 2008 - Philadelphia - 25 photos - A rainy day clears up temporarily, allowing for a few quick photos in the area of the Cira Centre and 30th Street Station before storm clouds roll over the skyline and drench the city. February 8, 2008 and earlier - Posted April 7, 2008 - Philadelphia - 76 photos - "In the Details, In the Distance" - A themed photo essay using ultra-long focal lengths all over Center City Philadelphia. December 19, 2007 - Posted December 27, 2007 - Philadelphia - 87 photos - A full tour, inside and out, of the decaying Tidewater Grain Elevator as it is being demolished by a wrecking ball just four days before its implosion. Dangerous conditions on all levels, and views from the 245 foot high roof make for one of the best photo sets of 2007. November 7, 2007 - Posted November 14, 2007 - Philadelphia - 42 photos - "Night Lights on South Broad" lighting ceremony, food, music, and entertainment. November 4, 2007 - Posted November 17, 2007 - Jenny Jump State Forest, New Jersey - 77 photos - A four-mile hike through a mountainous and heavily wooded area near the Delaware Water Gap. September 15, 2007 - Posted April 13, 2008 - New York City - 19 photos - Views of Manhattan, the Bronx, Jersey City, and the George Washington Bridge from the "Top of the Rock" observation deck at Rockefeller Center. August 22-September 17, 2007 - Posted September 21, 2007 - Philadelphia - 47 photos - All corners of Center City are included in this wide-reaching set spanning 27 days. Photos focus on Society Hill, skyline views, and the Comcast Center, but Chinatown, Rittenhouse Square, and Franklin Square are also included. Also includes areas that have never been featured, such as the gardens behind Society Hill Towers and Race Street in a no-man's-land near the Vine Expressway. August 2, 2007 - Posted August 5, 2007 - Philadelphia - 42 photos - Looking up from the block surrounding the nearly-complete Comcast Center, Philadelphia's new tallest building. 360 degree views from the City Hall observation deck. Skyline views from a Chinatown parking garage at 8th and Arch Streets. July 10, 2007 - Posted July 15, 2007 - Philadelphia - 18 photos - Sunset and night photos from the Art Museum area include the Ben Franklin Parkway and views of the skyline and Waterworks Restaurant from the Spring Garden Street bridge. June 20-29, 2007 - Posted July 2, 2007 - San Francisco - 25 photos - Vibrant sunsets through low clouds, seen from the 19th floor of a downtown San Francisco hotel. Views of the skyline and islands of the San Francisco Bay from Sausalito, CA. May 6, 2007 - Posted May 20, 2007 - Plumas National Forest, California - 77 photos - An 8-mile hike in the Feather Falls Recreation Area in Northern California includes views of Bald Rock Dome, Frey Creek's riparian ecosystem, and of course, the stunning 400 ft. plunge of Feather Falls, one of the most scenic waterfalls in North America. April 29, 2007 - Posted May 5, 2007 - Philadelphia / National Park, NJ - 52 photos - Red Bank Battlefield Park features an interesting shoreline filled with debris from the city upstream, scenic greenery, and views of Philadelphia across the Delaware River. Despite a beautiful park and great views of the Philly skyline, the day was also somewhat gross. Police investigated a human heart that washed up on the beach, and a deer carcass was stomach-turning in person. April 9-11, 2007 - Posted April 29, 2007 - Washington, D.C. - 60 photos - The National Mall and its famous structures and monuments, including the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the new World War II Memorial. Inside and around the Smithsonian Institute, featuring the exterior of the Smithsonian Castle. Streets, architecture, and parks in downtown Washington, D.C. March 11, 2007 - Posted March 18, 2007 - Fair Haven, NJ - Winter photography in the Fair Haven Fields Nature Area. February 28, 2007 - Posted March 3, 2007 - West Sacramento, CA - 7 photos - Photos from South River Rd, a very rural area just across the river from busy downtown Sacramento. A storm rolls through and causes a strange dark but colorful sky and supersaturated colors on the ground. January 6-7, 2007 - Posted February 13, 2007 - San Francisco - 71 photos - Two days of downtown San Francisco on foot, including Embarcadero, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, Market Street, Civic Center, and three different spots on the waterfront. Hundreds of Fisherman's Wharf's famous lounging sea lions attract a large crowd. An observation area on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge offers great views of the bridge and skyline. January 2, 2007 - Posted January 2, 2007 - Philadelphia - 74 photos - Stunning views of the city from the very raw 43rd floor of the under-construction Comcast Center, 650 feet above the street. Ironworkers prepare to install more steel that will create the next floor. Aerial views of City Hall, the Museum of Art, other Center City landmarks, both rivers, and distant Philly neighborhoods. December 27-29, 2006 - Posted January 16, 2007 - Chicago - 49 photos - Part two of a two-set series from a three-day visit to Chicago, featuring night and twilight photos. Prominently featured in this group are Navy Pier and its views of the skyline, Millennium Park's "Bean" and amphitheater, and downtown areas along the Chicago River. Sunset vies from the Signature Room of the John Hancock Tower give an amazing perspective of downtown Chicago. December 27-29, 2006 - Posted January 12, 2007 - Chicato - 68 photos - Part one of a two-set series from a three-day visit to Chicago, featuring daytime photos. Much of the set focuses on the Miracle Mile - Michigan Ave from the Chicago River to the John Hancock Tower. It's the city's premiere shopping district and features some extremely heavy foot traffic. Beautiful Millennium Park and some of its odd art displays are shown, along with Gold Coast rowhomes, downtown river views, and shots along Dearborn, LaSalle, and State Streets. November 5, 2006 - Posted December 31, 2006 - New York City - 33 photos - 360 degree views from the Empire State Building observation deck. Shots of Manhattan, Jersey City, the Statue of Liberty, and the Verrazano Bridge from the Staten Island Ferry. Miscellaneous photos downtown including Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange as well as Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial on Church Street. October 1-30, 2006 - Posted November 3, 2006 - Philadelphia - 58 photos - The month of October in University City, Center City, and Old City Philadelphia. Skyscraper crowns, building entranceways, and fountains are pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including a 400 ft pink bow in lights on the Cira Centre facade. University City's unique architecture along Lancaster and Baltimore avenues is featured. The Comcast Center rises to become Philadelphia's fifth tallest building. September 30, 2006 - Posted November 6, 2006 - Niagara Falls - 28 photos - Feel the awesome power of the Horseshoe Falls with close-up views of the cascading water and churning Niagara River.Other surrounding scenery includes American Falls, lush plant life on rocky cliffs, the Niagara Falls skyline, and entranced tourists. August 11, 2006 - Posted August 22, 2006 - San Francisco - 92 photos - A large set containg images from all over San Francisco on a beautiful summer day. The downtown skyline, nearby neighborhoods, and shoreline from Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower. San Franciscans enjoy the water, from beach and boat, near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. A walk through parts of Chinatown and North Beach, San Francisco's Italian neighborhood. Lombard Street, said to be the world's steepest and curviest, also offers amazing gardens and architecture. August 1-4, 2006 - Posted August 10, 2006 - Philadelphia - 35 photos - Afternoon, sunset, and night photos from the roof of the eight-story Rosenbluth Building, just a few blocks west of Philadelphia's tallest skyscrapers and one block away from the Schuylkill River. In addition to an amazing clear view ofthe skyline, the shots also include the Cira Centre above 30th Street Station and the river, the Art Museum, and the University of Pennsylvania campus. July 19-26, 2006 - Posted July 29, 2006 - Philadelphia - 31 photos - Two evenings in the Art Museum, Ben Franklin Parkway, and Waterworks area of Fairmount Park. Day and night skyline views of the skyline over the Schuylkill River and Schuylkill Expressway. The Art Museum's architecture, Boathouse Row's new lighting and the Waterworks Restaurant during its first week in business. The completed Cira Centre and the Comcast Center under construction as it reaches its halfway point. July 15, 2006 - Posted July 18, 2006 - New York City/Jersey City - 26 photos - Late afternoon photos in Jersey City's Liberty State Park, which offers views of the entire Manhattan skyline, New Jersey's tallest building, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Science Center, and an historic railroad terminal. Boaters traveling up the Hudson River create interesting compositions in front of enormous skyscrapers. Birds swoop over the water and are framed by facades of the New York skyline. June 7, 2006 - Posted June 19, 2006 - Toronto - 40 photos - Photos on foot in The Beaches neighborhood along Queen Street East include shoppers, artists, bikers, athletes, and animals enjoying eclectic stores and scenic gardens. Outside of The Beaches, shots of downtown's skyscrapers from above and below complete the set. May 9, 2006 - Posted May 14, 2006 - Minneapolis - 60 photos - Street-level photos of downtown Minneapolis' financial and warehouse districts. Views of the skyline and other tall buildings from Minnesota Highway 55. Photos include detailed shots of glass structures and architectural features of Minneapolis' modern skyscrapers. April 20, 2006 - Posted April 22, 2006 - San Marcos, TX - 7 photos - Six photos from a violent storm that dropped golf-ball sized hail on the city. One snapshot of my hail picture being shown on local TV! April 5-8, 2006 - Posted April 8, 2006 - Philadelphia - 8 photos - Eight photos of the Philadelphia skyline, taken from my balcony during two stunning sunsets. April 2, 2006 - Posted April 24, 2006 - Philadelphia - 53 photos - A five-mile Center City walk on the first warm Spring day of 2006. The Schuylkill River Path and Rittenhouse Square are filled with native and visitors enjoying the amazing weather. Philly's architectural and urban details are highlighted, especially City Hall and Washington Square West. Construction updates for the Comcast Center and Symphony House. March 1, 2006 - Posted March 20, 2006 - Toronto - 73 photos - On foot from the eastern side of downtown Toronto to the Lake Ontario waterfront, through the Harbourfront Centre area along Queen's Quay, and past the Rogers Centre and CN Tower to the heart of Downtown. A panorama from a park near the CN Tower shows the older downtown skyscrapers and dozens of new residential highrises along the lake. February 12, 2006 - Posted March 3, 2006 - Cherry Hill, NJ - 43 photos - An afternoon walk in my own neighborhood after the area was pounded by an overnight snowstorm. The blizzard, which dropped 23 inches on New York and 11 inches on Philadelphia, was just tapering as I walked through suburban Cherry Hill. February 9, 2006 - Posted February 19, 2006 - San Marcos, TX - 55 photos - Located halfway between Austin and San Antonio in central Texas, San Marcos is a mid-sized town, home to Texas State University. Photos show the small but photogenic downtown, high-priced homes in the hills, and a large, daring group of deer grazing on someone's front lawn. February 6, 2006 - Posted February 14, 2006 - Austin - 57 photos - A look at the very center of downtown Austin: Congress Ave, home to many of the city's tallest buildings as well as the Texas State Capitol. The city's newest signature skyscraper, the Frost Bank Tower, stands above Congress Ave and is prominently featured in the photos. Shots of the capitol include much of its interior and several exterior views. January 21, 2006 - Posted January 31, 2006 - Philadelphia - 54 photos - With no specific purpose for shooting in Philly, and no particular neighborhood to tour, this photo set is a tour of construction, destruction, and activity in a busy city. The photos show various construction projects including the Comcast Center, The Tivoli, Edgwater, King's Court, and 23, as well as the destruction of Rindelaub's Row. A few daring window washers on One Liberty Place are icing on the cake. January 7, 2006 - Posted January 12, 2006 - Philadelphia - 76 photos - A tour of the Manayunk neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia. Manayunk is a former industrial powerhouse that now shows great diversity - from high-end shops and bars along Main Street to middle-class residences further up the hill. Photos also show the Manayunk Canal, parallel to the Schuylkill River, which helped spur development in the area during the mid-1800s. January 6, 2006 - Posted January 15, 2006 - Cherry Hill, NJ - 20 photos - Five energy-sucking displays on Deer Road create an impressive street full of Christmas display excess. December 25, 2005 - Posted December 25, 2005 - Sea Bright, NJ - 23 photos - Christmas morning, near-freezing temperatures, and some of the thickest fog in memory virtually guarantee a deserted beach at sunrise. The unique weather provides for some non-traditional beach scenes, and an interesting tide pool and iron deposits create interesting patterns on the surface of the sand. November 30-December 1, 2005 - Posted November 4, 2005 - Philadelphia - 20 photos - City Hall's architecture is lit for the holidays by a new projection illumination system created by French company Lumiere. Views of the east and west portals on two different nights show three of the four different lighting patterns. The Cira Centre also continues to show its equally-amazing nighttime appearance. November 24-26, 2005 - Posted December 12, 2005 - Iowa City - 69 photos - Cedar Rapids - 2 photos - Various Iowa/Minnesota - 2 photos - Minneapolis - 2 photos - An icy Thanksgiving Day walk through downtown Iowa City and the University of Iowa Campus. Despite being a small city, the area has some amazing architecture and photogenic streets. Aerials of Cedar Rapids and Minneapolis on the flight home. November 10, 2005 - Posted November 24, 2005 - Ottawa/Gatineau - 47 photos - Canada's capitol building complex is amazing in late afternoon light. The design of its green-roofed buildings varies from structure to structure while maintaining an architectural connection throughout. Separated from Gatineau and the Quebec province by a river, Ottawa's overlooks give views of the sister city, distant mountains, and its own cathedrals and castles. A 360 panorama from an overlook point shows the two cities in perfect context. October 6-7, 2005 - Posted October 16, 2005 - Philadelphia - 49 photos - Late sunrises at this time of year allowed for photography of two pre-dawn mornings in historic Old City. Subjects include the Ben Franklin Bridge and Indepencence National Historic Area, including the new National Constitution Center, and the amazing mosiac facade of The Painted Bride Art Center. Other photos show the inhabitants, street life, doorways, and architecture of the area, especially North 3rd Street, Elfreth's Alley, and Chestnut, Walnut, and Market Streets. September 10-October 18, 2005 - Posted October 25, 2005 - Philadelphia - 57 photos - A conglomeration of photos: day and night in early Fall in Center City Philadelphia. A few projects that make up just small part of Philly's recent construction boom are covered, including Waterfront Square, the Cira Centre, and the Comcast Center. The city skyline is also visible from many different angles including my balcony in Cherry Hill, a parking garage at 16th and Vine, and the South Street Bridge. August 23-September 4, 2005 - Posted September 5, 2005 - Toronto - 64 photos - Philadelphia - 9 photos - Camden, NJ - 2 photos - Various - 3 photos - Aerials of Toronto, Mississauga, Philadelphia, and Camden during departing and returning flights. Ground level shots of downtown Toronto from King, Church, and Yonge Street areas. Looking down from the CN Tower, the world's tallest structure and home of its highest observation deck. Panorama and sunset views of the Toronto skyline from the southeast. August 19, 2005 - Posted September 12, 2005 - Sioux City, IA - 61 photos - Salix, IA - 5 photos - A quiet Friday afternoon in Sioux City, which is located in northwestern Iowa at the border with South Dakota and Nebraska. Several hours of walking through downtown, including City Hall and the unique Woodbury County Courthouse, Historic Fourth Street, small street shops, and the Sioux City Convention Center. 15 miles south on Interstate 29, a farmland sunset forced me to pull over in Salix, IA. August 18, 2005 - Posted September 26, 2005 - Sioux Falls, SD - 25 photos - The Big Sioux River and the falls for which the city is named are featured in Falls Park just north of downtown Sioux Falls. Falls park offers a variety of angles to view the falls, with plenty of walkways, bridges, and flood lights. A high point west of downtown showsthe night skyline from above and St. John's Cathedral from below. August 17, 2005 - Posted September 26, 2005 - Omaha - 10 photos - Council Bluffs, IA - 11 photos - The Omaha skyline from Council Bluffs, IA, just to the east of downtown across the Missouri River. The skline is shown from the southeast near the Harrah's Casino and from due east on a small secluded beach (including panoramic view). A walk through a park and wooded paths to reach the Missouri River beachfront makes for interesting nature photos. May 22, 2005 - Posted August 13, 2005 - London - 27 photos - The Albert Memorial and Wellington Arch alternate between sunlight and shade in front of breaking storm clouds, making for a stunning visual contrast. Also featured are some London Street Hockey players, Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, Kightsbridge, Brompton Road, and Hyde Park Corner. May 22, 2005 - Posted July 24, 2005 - London - 27 photos - London's Hyde Park is a beautiful and enormous expanse on the western side of the city center and includes a long thing lake called The Serpentine. On this cool May day the park is full of rollerbladers, soccer players, paddleboat riders, tourists, and many other people enjoying the The Serpentine and Hyde Park's open fields. May 22, 2005 - Posted July 14, 2005 - London - 41 photos - Central London on foot, including Picadilly Circus and the curved commecial corridor of Regent Street. Residential and shopping districts on sidestreets in the Mayfair neighborhood, mostly on New Bond Street, Charles Street, and South Audley Street. A small park and a great example of the famous "English Garden" provide a peaceful break from London's busy streets. May 21, 2005 - Posted June 21, 2005 - London - 53 photos - More photos from the south side of the Thames and the Southwark Neighborhood. Moving through a development area called MoreLondon toward the river, the Tower Bridge, an extremely odd sculpture known as "Wee Man," and an awesome panoramic view of the whole area. Crossing the Tower Bridge for images of the bridge, itself, the Tower of London, and 30 St. Mary Axe, the infamous "Gherkin" and "Towering Innuendo," from below. May 21, 2005 - Posted June 12, 2005 - London - 50 photos - Walking along the south side of the River Thames in London's Southwark neighborhood. More views over the river include Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Millennium Footbridge, and closer views of 30 St. Mary Axe. Scenery along the south side of the river includes the London Eye ferris wheel, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and some odd characters in a public plaza near the eye. May 21, 2005 - Posted June 4, 2005 - London - 50 photos - An overcast, cloudy day gradually clears up above the City of Westminster in London. Houses of Parliament, including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Picadilly Circus, and Victoria Tower Gardens. Beautiful views over the River Thames from the Lambeth Bridge show the London Eye and the distinctive skyscraper 30 St. Mary Axe from a distance. May 5, 2005 - Posted May 9, 2005 - Naples, FL - 22 photos - Some of Florida's most beautiful beaches are found in Naples, the southernmost of state's Gulf Coast cities. In this set of photos, the sun sets over the gulf's breaking waves, while million -dollar homes, look down on the other side of the narrow beach. Pelicans and vacationers get some camera time as well. April 14, 2005 - Posted May 1, 2005 - Jacksonville - 33 photos - The Main Street Bridge's new lighting scheme combines with the colorful Friendship Fountain to create vibrant night scenes in downtown Jacksonville. The skyline of the North Riverfront across the St. John's River and views of Two Prudential Plaza over Friendship Fountain. A view of the skyline from I95. April 12, 2005 - Posted April 17, 2005 - Orlando - 52 photos - Beautiful downtown Orlando is filled with photogenic churches and skyscrapers and well-mainteined public parks and plazas. Photos cover the entire downtown area, but prominently feature the area around City Hall, the Bank of America Center, and Lake Eola Park. Updates of the construction status of Premier Trade Plaza and the Vue at Lake Eola. April 9, 2005 - Posted April 15, 2005 - Tampa - 48 photos - A walk from Hyde Park through the wealthy Bayshore area, along Bayshore Blvd onto Davis Island, and around near Downtown. Waterways and skyline views from various angles in each of these areas, inclduding a panorama of the skyline and water from Bayshore Blvd. In the water: the Starship Yacht, the Jose Casparilla, and a floating pelican. April 5, 2005 - Posted April 9, 2005 - Philadelphia - 22 photos - A turbulent and colorful sunset above the Philadelphia skyline, seen from the east on my balcony in Cherry Hill, NJ. Three panoramic views show the entire sunset at different stages. March 7, 2005 - Posted March 12, 2005 - Philadelphia - 19 photos - An unseasonable 69 degree day and a free weekday afternoon combine for day and night photos in western Center City. Updates on the Cira Centre and Comcast Center construction sites. One Liberty Place, Two Liberty Place, and the Mellon Bank Center from the Rittenhouse Square area and from the Chestnut Street Bridge. February 14, 2005 - Posted May 7, 2005 - Philadelphia - 31 photos - The Philadelphia 76ers defeat the New York Knicks in an exciting one-point buzzerbeater game. Zoomed photos from excellent seats show the players' expressions throughout the game. The rest of the stadium provides nearly as much entertainment, including Hip-Hop, the 76ers' mascot, and the 76ers dance team. February 7, 2005 - Posted April 3, 2005 - Santa Barbara, CA - 4 photos - La Conchita, CA - 2 photos - Ventura, CA - 2 photos - Los Angeles - 2 photos - Various Southern California - 8 photos - Views from the 101 Freeway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, including steep cliffs rising above the highway, the Pacific Ocean, Ventura, and the deadly mudslide of La Conchita. February 5, 2005 - Posted March 29, 2005 - Santa Barbara, CA - 28 photos - A walk in Santa Barbara's Shoreline Park on a beautiful Southern California February afternoon. Views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, its rocky shoreline, surfers and beachgoers, and the City of Santa Barbara. Bonus photos of a feeding racoon and an adorable set of kitten siblings. January 31 - February 4, 2005 - Posted March 27, 2005 - Clinton, MO - 11 photos - Various Missouri - 10 photos - Various Texas - 18 photos - Pennsylvania aerials - 2 photos - A focus on Clinton, Missouri's "Historic Downtown Square" during the long drive from Kansas City to Springfield in the western part of the state. Photos of varios small Missouri towns along that route, as well as Texas towns along Highways 59 and 172 between Houston, Port Lavaca, and Victoria. January 30, 2005 - Posted March 26, 2005 - Philadelphia - 28 photos - Sunset in western Center City on an extremely cold winter evening. Construction status update for the Cira Centre, standing over the frozen Schuylkill River. Views of Market West business district skyscrapers from the west on 29th Street and along the Schuylkill River path. One and Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, and City Hall lit in green in support of Eagles football. January 24-26, 2005 - Posted March 20, 2005 - Fajardo, Puerto Rico - 15 photos - Various Puerto Rico - 14 photos - New Jersey Aerials - 4 photos - Philadelphia - 1 photo - Beautiful tropical scenery and an enormous iguana from a hill above Fajardo, a small city in eastern Puerto Rico. Scenes along the busy Highway 3 that runs from the San Juan airport to Fajardo. Snowy aerials over north Jersey urbanity turn to tropical aerials over the populous shores of San Juan. January 1, 2005 - Posted March 5, 2005 - Philadelphia - 47 photos - An extremely warm New Years Day brings a large and enthusiastic crowd to Center City Philadelphia for the annual Mummers Day Parade. The "Comics" division of the parade marches up South Broad Street in front of some of the country's best architecture. A digital movie shows the speed of the participants, cheering crowds, and booming music. December 27, 2004 - Posted March 6, 2005 - Philadelphia - 37 photos - Impressive density and postmodern perfection from the Philadelphia City Hall observation deck. Views include Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, Bell Atlantic Tower, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Roxborough Towers, and the Cira Centre under construction. A quick walk around Chinatown and along Vine Street. December 15, 2004 - Posted December 19, 2004 - Houston - 38 photos - Another frigid sunrise walk, this time among Houston's downtown giants. Street-level and skyward views along Louisiana Street and Smith Street, with concentration on the reflective facades of the former Enron complex. Wide-angle partial skyline shots from a few blocks away from the major skyscraper core. December 12, 2004 - Posted December 15, 2004 - Red Bank, NJ - 8 photos - A cold, cloudy sunset along the Navesink River in downtown Red Bank's Marine Park. High-rise apartments - Riverview Towers, the Navesink House, and the Grandville - and luxury hotels - the Oyster Point and Molly Pitcher - look down on the still water. Beautiful homes across the river, on Navesink River Road in the Locust section of Middletown. December 8, 2004 - Posted December 13, 2004 - New Orleans - 19 photos - Looking down from the 19th floor of the Holiday Inn French Quarter over Canal Street, the Sheraton Hotel, the Marriott, and the Mississippi River. Night on the world famous Bourbon Street. November 28, 2004 - Posted December 5, 2004 - Haddonfield, NJ - 46 photos - Beautiful homes, shops, offices, and churches line both sides of Kings Highway in Haddonfield's downtown. Special attention is given to Grace Church and the First Presbyterian Church, including photos of Grace Church at night. A beautiful sunset frames the town shops, which are decorated for the Christmas season. November 18, 2004 - Posted November 20, 2004 - Seattle - 16 photos - The skyline from the Admiral Way observation area on Harbor Island offers excellent views of downtown Seattle across the Puget Sound.In addition to skyscrapers of the central business district, the Space Needle and Qwest Field are also visible. An enormous panorama shows the entire scene at night. November 16-19, 2004 - Posted December 1, 2004 - Seattle - 22 photos - Chicago aerial - 1 photo - Philadelphia/Pennsylvania aerials - 4 photos - Washington state aerials - 4 photos - Two sunset visits to Seattle's Space Needle observation deck, including one during which Mount Rainier is visible on the horizon. Aerials of Washington state's mountain ranges, the Chicago skyline, and Philadelphia at sunrise. November 13, 2004 - posted November 23, 2004 - Jersey City/New York City - 31 photos - Newark - 1 photo - Downtown Jersey City and all of Manhattan from Jersey City's Liberty State Park, across the Hudson River from downtown Manhattan. Close-up views of 30 Hudson Street, the World Financial Center complex, and the Woolworth Building, along with distant views of the Chrysler building, and the Empire State Building. My second visit to this location, but the first with the improved camera. (The first was April 16, 2004.) November 10, 2004 - Posted November 15, 2004 - Philadelphia - 23 photos - Philadelphia City Hall on the first night of its dramatic new outdoor lighting scheme, seen from the Ben Franklin Parkway, Thomas Paine Plaza, Love Park, and from directly below. One and Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, Municipal Services Building, and Penn Center towers at night. The unique and beautiful Masonic Temple just across the street from City Hall. November 6, 2004 - Posted November 13, 2004 - New York City - 30 photos - The striking Midtown Manhattan skyline during sunset, from the west side of the East River at 18th Street. The setting sun sheds light on the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, United Nations Headquarters, and Trump World Tower, as cars streak by below. A few photos along East 14th Street near Union Square and Stuyvesant Town. November 3-8, 2004 - Posted November 8, 2004 - Philadelphia - 16 photos - Philadelphia skyline above a seemingly endless sea of trees at the peak of Autumn colors. A few days later, a unique sunset creates menacing clouds above the same skyline. A Monday morning's rising sun reflects off the skyscrapers' shiny eastern facades. October 31, 2004 - Posted November 1, 2004 - Philadelphia - 28 photos - An amazing sunset from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, including close-ups of City Hall, One Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, and Park Towne Place apartments. Skyscrapers and foreign flags from the city's legendary Ben Franklin Parkway. The unique architecture of the Art Museum itself. October 26-28, 2004 - Posted October 28, 2004 - Philadelphia - 16 photos - A cool October night in the Penn's Landing and Old City neighborhoods. Penn's Landing views of the Moshulu floating restaurant, Ben Franklin Bridge, Hyatt Hotel, and skyscrapers of the Market West neighborhood from one mile to the east. Independence Hall and The Bourse in the Independence National Historic Area. The full moon partially eclipsed on the night of the 27th and setting over Philadelphia on the 28th. October 14, 2004 - Posted November 7, 2004 - Jacksonville - 34 photos - Starke, FL - 1 photo - My second walk up the Acosta Bridge, which spans the St. John's River in downtown Jacksonville and offers excellent views of the North and South Riverfront districts. Close ups of the city's skyscrapers, including the Modis Tower, SunTrust Tower (formerly Jacksonville Center), RiverPlace Tower, Two Prudential Plaza, and the Bank of America Tower, Florida's tallest building. One panorama captures the entire view. October 10, 2004 - Posted October 17, 2004 - Philadelphia - 40 photos - Views from the roof of a six-story parking garage at 8th and Race that place City Hall's statue of William Penn directly in front of One Liberty Place. Also visible are The Aramark Tower, Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, Bell Atlantic Tower, and the Chinatown area along Arch Street. Striking views from Penn Square near City Hall, and Cira Centre construction updates. September 26, 2004 - Posted September 27, 2004 - Fair Haven, NJ - 20 photos - Less than an hour from New York can feel like the middle of nowhere in the Fair Haven Fields Natural Area, which makes up just over half of Fair Haven Fields, a Monmouth County Park. Overview shots of the woods join super close-ups that show new angles of everyday natural objects. A small wooden foot bridge and a few narrow paths are the only manmade objects visible in this entire set September 13-17, 2004 - Posted October 25, 2004 - Fajardo, Puerto Rico - 31 photos - Various Puerto Rico - 6 photos - Hurricane Jeanne hits hard during my stay in Fajardo, Puerto Rico - visible in photos and movie clips. Loose horses, cows, lizards, and herons wandering the streets in the rainy weather. Overlooking the entire city from Fajardo from a high point in the Fajardo Inn's parking lot. Scenes from the drive from San Juan to Fajardo on PR-3. September 11, 2004 - Posted October 10, 2004 - New York City - 41 photos - All angles of New York City from the Empire State Building observation deck. Close ups of various nearby skylines, including Jersey City, Newark, Fort Lee, Brooklyn, and Downtown NYC. Also featuring the city's skyscrapers, some of the world's most famous: Chrysler Building, GE Building, MetLife Building, (Rockefeller Center), CitiGroup Center, Flatiron Building, Times Square Tower, and the Conde Nast Building. September 11, 2004 - Posted September 23, 2004 - New York City - 50 photos - Midtown Manhattan on the third anniversary of 9/11/01. A walk through Times Square and surrounding neighborhoods, including 425 Fifth Ave, Marriott Marquis, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Radio City Music Hall, and Rockafeller Center. Specially featuring New York's two tallest buildings, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, including super close-ups of their spires. September 4, 2004 - Posted September 21, 2004 - Washington state - 2 photos - Peaks of the Cascade Mountain range in southern Washington State and Northern Oregon: Mount Adams in southern Washington, Mount Hood in northern Oregon, and Mount Ranier in Washington. Close-up of Mount Ranier's two peaks, snow-covered and standing above the cloud cover. September 3, 2004 - Posted September 20, 2004 - Seattle - 93 photos - A walk from the Seattle Center area, to the Puget Sound waterfront, through the central business district and back. The skyline from up close and from within, featuring the Washington Mutual Tower, Wells Fargo Tower, Seattle Municipal Tower, 1000 Second Avenue, Smith Tower, 1111 Third Avenue, and the Bank of America Tower. September 1, 2004 - Posted September 18, 2004 - Seattle - 54 photos - Daytime, sunset, twilight, and night views from the Space Needle observatin deck, 500 ft. above ground. Views of the Seattle skyline, the Puget Sound, Lake Union, and the Seattle Center area. Close up shots of various buildings and areas, including Two Union Square, Bank of America Center, Washington Mutual Tower, Qwest Field, and the port of Seattle. September 1, 2004 - Posted September 9, 2004 - Seattle - 32 photos - Montana/Washington - 5 photos - Interior views, and day and night exterior views of Seattle's famous Space Needle (photos from the observation deck will be posted as the next set). Ground-level views of the downtown fringe area near the Space Needle. Road shots of the Seattle skyline from northbound Interstate 5. Montana desert, Washington state mountains, and Seattle vicinity aerials from a commercial flight. August 31, 2004 - Posted September 7, 2004 - Vancouver - 66 photos - Day and night photos on a Tuesday evening in Vancouver, in black and white. Views from the Granville Street bridge, Robson, Burrard, Georgia, and Granville Streets downtown. Close-up focus on various buildings, especially the 2001 award winner, One Wall Centre. August 21-22, 2004 - Posted August 25, 2004 - Philadelphia/Cherry Hill - 48 photos - Possibly the most amazing sunset I've ever witnessed, seen from my 10th floor balcony in Cherry Hill, NJ, with the Philadelphia skyline as the backdrop. Close up views of the skyline including a panorama with labels pointing to Philadelphia's prominent skyscrapers and other buildings. begins to live up to its name! August 14, 2004 - Posted September 5, 2004 - Atlantic City - 91 photos - The northern half of Atlantic City's famous Boardwalk including several casinos seen from the Boardwalk and the beach. Featured casinos include the Sands, Claridge, Resorts, Showboat, and especially the Trump Taj Mahal Various other scenery: an odd abandoned pier, non-casino hi-rises, and Boardwalk shops. August 8, 2004 - Posted August 10, 2004 - Philadelphia - 54 photos - A walk in western Center City's skyscraper area during a clear late afternoon, with a focus on capturing hard to reach areas with an agressive zoom lens. Featured crowns include those of One and Two Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, Bell Atlantic Tower, Independence Blue Cross Tower, One South Broad, City Hall, and the Masonic Temple. Views from the 25th floor of the Wyndham Hotel, including the Delaware River and the Inquirer Building. August 8, 2004 - Posted August 21, 2004 - Red Bank, NJ - 48 photos - On foot in Red Bank's beautiful downtown area, including White Street, Monmouth Street, Broad Street, East and West Front Street, and Marine Terrace. Views of the Navesink River from Marine Park, the Riverview Hospital, parking garage, Riverside Gardens Park, and "Library Park." Featured buildings include Broad Street shops, the St. James Catholic Church, and landmarks along the Navesink. August 7, 2004 - Posted August 8, 2004 - New York City - 6 photos - Various - 6 photos - The skylines of the New York City metro, including Jersey City, Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. The surroundings of the Hofbrauhaus observation area in Highlands, NJ. Farewell to an old camera, and welcome to the new one. July 26, 2004 - Posted July 31, 2004 - Philadelphia - 12 photos - Camden - 2 photos - Michigan - 1 photo - Perfect angles of Center City Philadelphia, from an angle not permitted for private planes (too close to the airport). Aerial photos of Camden, NJ, the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, and the Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross bridges. Center City neighborhoods including Old City, Society Hill, Market East, Market West, Art Museum Area, City Ave, and Interstate 76. Impressive highway intersections west of Philadelphia and in Michigan. June 30, 2004 - Posted July 28, 2004 - Tampa - 105 photos - Downtown Tampa, featuring some of the country's best medium-sized skyscrapers, from up close. Featured buildings include 400 North Ashley Plaza, Bank of America Plaza, the AmSouth Building, Wachovia Center, One Tampa City Center (Verizon), SunTrust Financial Centre, Park Tower, Hillsborough County Center, One Mack-Cali Center, the SouthTrust Building, and historic City Hall. The skyline from Interstate 295 and from the southeast on East John F. Kennedy Boulevard. May 15, 2004 - Posted July 11, 2004 - Amsterdam - 71 photos - Schiphol - 2 photos - Street-level photos of The Netherlands' largest city. Various churches and cathedrals near Centraal Station in the city center, along with day and night photos of the station itself. Dam square and the National Monument, Leidseplein, and the Rokin area. Night near the Schiphol Airport train station. April 26-27, 2004 - Posted July 18, 2004 - Los Angeles - 103 photos - Over 70 photos of modern downtown skyscrapers, including US Bank Tower (formerly Library Place), the tallest building in the United States west of the Mississippi River, California Plaza, Wells Fargo Plaza, Gas Company Tower, Ernst and Young Plaza, and many more. Los Angeles' 2nd skyline - Century City - and a drive toward downtown along Wilshire Boulevard. The unique Theme Building in the middle of the Los Angeles Airport circle. April 22-23, 2004 - Posted June 12, 2004 - San Francisco - 47 photos - Various aerial/airport - 3 photos. Walking the financial district, including Market Street, Embarcadero Center, and the Transamerica Pyramid. Alcatraz from Green Street, and other Green Street towers near Chinatown. The Golden Gate Bridge, and a skyline view from the bridge observation area. Interior photos of the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and outdoor views from an upper floor. Aerial of the snowcapped Sierra Nevada Mountains. April 16, 2004 - Posted April 19, 2004 - Jersey City - 42 photos. A beautiful afternoon in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ. Views across the Hudson include Midtown/Upper Manhattan in the distance, Lower Manhattan up close, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty. New developments in Jersey City, including the near-complete 781 ft. tower at 30 Hudson St., make its skyline impressive. An enormous panorama of the whole scene. March 21, 2004 - Posted April 6, 2004 - Philadelphia - 35 photos. Driving up South Broad Street after watching the demolition of Veterans Stadium. Downtown in the business district and Rittenhouse Square area. Colorful shots of the crown of One Liberty Place. Aerials from one of the highest floors of the Wyndham Hotel at 17th and Race. Delapidated rowhomes and an awesome mural from the top of a parking garage on the Temple University campus. March 21, 2004 - Posted March 22, 2004 - Philadelphia - 29 photos. Possibly my best set ever. Amazing views from the roof of the Architects Building at 17th and Sansom. Includes western Market Street downtown, Rittenhouse Square, Avenue of the Arts area, and some of the best possible views of the Liberty Place complex. March 21, 2004 - Posted March 21, 2004 - Philadelphia - 36 photos. Veteran's Stadium slowly falls to its death as a pile of rubble. A drunken crowd of 10,000 cannot be contained as it fights police resistance to take over Interstate 76. The Philadelphia skyline from Broad Street. March 6, 2004 - Posted March 7, 2004 - Philadelphia - 20 photos. Walk in the Franklintown/Museum area of Center City at sunset, then along the Market Street Business district at night. Commerce Square, Independence Blue Cross Tower, 1818 Market Street, Mellon Bank Center, and One Liberty Place at night. February 26, 2004 - Posted March 8, 2004 - Oklahoma City - 26 Photos. Inside and outside the Oklahoma State Capitol Building. Beautiful interior architecture and artwork, a spectacular new dome, and the Oklahoma Governor's desk. January 24, 2004 - Posted February 1, 2004 - Savannah - 46 Photos, Jacksonville - 3 photos, Various Florida and Georgia - 4 photos. Savannah's hi-rises and historic churches and cathedrals. Riverfront shopping area and various river scenes. The Jacksonville skyline and highway photos on the way to Savannah. January 22, 2004 - Posted January 31, 2004 - Jacksonville Beach - 25 photos. Hi-rise and low-rise hotels and condos along the shore line. A unique park just across from City Hall. January 16, 2004 - Posted January 25, 2004 - Jacksonville - 32 photos. Twilight and night photos in downtown Jacksonville, including 7 from January 10. A colorful sunset over the St. John's River. Modis Tower, BellSouth Tower, Jacksonville Center (Humana Building), Bank of America Tower, and SunTrust Building in lights. Distant views of the south riverfront. January 12, 2004 - Posted January 14, 2004 - St. Augustine, FL - 72 photos. The oldest city in the United States, and one of the most photogenic. The historic shopping district, three unique churches, and the campus of Flagler College. City Hall and the surrounding park, and the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. The 205 ft. Great Cross and one of America's oldest graveyards at the Mission de Nombre de Dios. January 8, 2004 - Posted January 25, 2004 - Jacksonville - 11 photos. The Dames Point Bridge, a spectacular cable-stay bridge crossing the St. John's River in northeast Jacksonville. A nearby coal power plant (it's not nuclear). The Jacksonville skyline from the bridge. January 7, 2004 - Posted January 8, 2004 - Jacksonville - 48 photos. A walk from the Jacksonville Landing in downtown up the Acosta Bridge and back. Some of Jacksonville's tallest up close: the Bank of America tower, Jacksonville Center (Humana Building), Modis Tower, Omni Hotel, BellSouth Tower, 550 Water St., and others. Bridges over the St. John's River, skyline views, and building zooms of the North and South Riverfront from the Acosta Bridge. December 30, 2003 - Posted January 1, 2004 - Philadelphia - 36 photos - Spectacular views from the Philadelphia City Hall observation deck, including the Loew's Philadelphia Hotel (PSFS Building), Aramark Tower, Ben Franklin Parkway, Market Street, and skyscrapers of the business district. Distant angles of the St. James nearing completion, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and Camden, NJ, across the Delaware River. Buildings of Franklintown, Market West, and Center City West neighborhoods, from the ground. December 28, 2003 - Posted January 2, 2004 - Philadelphia - 11 photos - Penn's Landing along the Delaware River at night. The Moshulu and other boats docked in Penn's Landing. The Ben Franklin Bridge and Hyatt Hotel in red, white, and blue for the New Year. December 27, 2003 - Posted January 2, 2004 - Highlands, NJ - 14 photos - Atlantic Highlands, NJ - 9 photos - Middletown, NJ - 1 photo - Rumson, NJ - 1 photo - Sea Bright, NJ - 1 photo - Monmouth Beach, NJ - 3 photos. Long distance views of Manhattan, Jersey City, Newark, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, The Verrazano Bridge, Long Island, and Sandy Hook, from the Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook in Highlands, NJ. Various local sights including Atlantic Highlands marina and hi-rise condos in Monmouth Beach. December 26, 2003 - Posted December 28, 2003 - Red Bank, NJ - 38 photos - Sunset and night photos of Christmas in downtown Red Bank. Colorful shops off of Monmouth Street. Hi-rise apartments up close in daylight, and during sunset over the Navesink River. Various river scenes from Marine Park. December 20, 2003 - Posted December 26, 2003 - Stamford, CT - 23 photos - The modern buildings of downtown Stamford at sunset. Included the Stamford Forum buildings, the International Paper building, the St. John's Apartment buildings, and 300 Atlantic.