July 30 - August 20, 2010
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Over the last few weeks I've been shooting night and sunset photos under Philly's tallest buildings on Market, Chestnut, JFK, and Arch. Here are the results!

Looking up the Comcast Center from the southeast

JFK Blvd and 30th Street Station

1700 Market Street and One Liberty Place

Plaza on the south side of the Comcast Center

Arch Street and Comcast Center

Three Penn center

Chestnut Street and Liberty Place

Two Logan Square and Bell Atlantic Tower

Looking across 20th Street

Masonic Temple and JFK Blvd

Comcast Center

Top of Two Commerce Square

BNY Mellon Center, Bell Atlantic Tower, Comcast Center

Back side of the Sterling

Liberty Place

2000 Market Street

Table 31 in front of the Comcast Center

17th Street

Two Logan Square, Embassy Suites, Bell Atlantic Tower, Comcast Center

Friend taking a shot, and the Comcast Center

Market Street

Plaza at 1700 Market

17th and Chestnut

Bell Atlantic Tower

Liberty Place

Two Liberty Place

17th Street and Comcast Center

One Commerce Square

Above Table 31

Murano Condominiums

Plaza behind Bell Atlantic Tower

Market Street

Market Street and One Liberty Place

One Liberty Place

Walkway between Market and JFK on 1700 block

Liberty Place

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