September 3, 2004

These photos were selected from over 300 that were taken during a walk from my hotel, near the Seattle Center and the Space Needle, down to the waterfront on the Puget Sound, and through downtown's Central Business District.

A helicopter takes off from the news channel headquarters next to my hotel room.

Heading south through Downtown on Interstate 5 - Two Union Square

The walk begins. A few subtle car wash signs near Denny Way.

Heading toward the Puget Sound

Looking southeast: the skyline stands above Alaskan Way, at the edge of the Puget Sound

Looking back to the northwest toward the Space Needle

Facing due north above Alaskan Way

Continental Place, the tallest all-residential tower in the city at 349 ft.

Qwest Field

Port of Seattle

US Bank Centre (left, 580 ft, #6 in city - I'm not counting the Space Needle), Two Union Square (with Flag, 740 ft, #3),
and two others whose names I can't find.

Further south in downtown, including the famous Smith Tower (far right)

Down to Alaskan Way and walking southeast

Washington Mutual Tower (many more photos of this building to come)

Looking across Alaskan Way

I don't know what this thing is. Just a sculpture, I guess.

Washington Mutual Tower

Two Union Square

Left to right: 1000 Second Ave (493 ft), Wells Fargo Center (574 ft), Henry M. Jackson Federal Building (487 ft)

More Washington Mutual Tower

Looking up at Second Avenue and Seneca Street: Washington Mutual Tower, 1111 Third Avenue (454 ft), Second & Seneca Building (315 ft)

Seattle Tower (318 ft) from the west on ariality Street

Henry M. Jackson Federal Building

1000 Second Avenue

Wells Fargo Center

Looking northeast on Spring Street, including 1001 Fourth Avenue (630 ft)

Seattle Municipal Tower and Bank of America Tower

Top of the Smith Tower

The famous Smith Tower, 467 ft

Something interesting is happening near this subway entrance, but I don't know what it is


Bank of America Tower, Seattle's Tallest at 937 ft, from the southwest on Fourth Street

This causes me great pain.

Facade detail on Two Union Square's southwest side

Can I park here?

Convention Center

Development site on Denny Way

One for the road

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