Red Bank, NJ

August 8, 2004

Red Bank has experienced an amazing revival over the past 10 years. Once called the "Hippest Town in New Jersey," it was the filming location for the movie Chasing Amy. I was born there and grew up one town away.

Starting in Marine Park, looking west over the Navesink River

Across the River toward Middletown

Oyster Point Hotel

I don't remember the name of this apartment building

Molly Pitcher Inn

Riverview Towers and Navesink House

The Bluffs

Up to East Front Street. I was born here at the Riverview Medical Center.

Toymasters/Hobbymasters on White Street

Crown of the old Police Station (Monmouth Street)

I spent way too much time here in high school

Dublin House

Another photographer

Broad Street: St. James Roman Catholic Church

Looking down Monmouth Street from Broad

Broad Street

Those who have seen Chasing Amy will recognize this entrance, and music store.

Tight squeeze

Broad Street runs into this wall at Front Street

A block to the east: Wharf Ave (right) and East Front Street

My aunt and uncle own this Florist shop.

A parking garage was built at the western side of the medical center within the last year. It borders the Navesink River and Marine Park, so I took the elevator up for the new views.

Wharf Ave

Twenty One East Front Street stands over Riverview Plaza (left) and Wharf Ave

Back on the ground: Red Bank Yacht Club on Union Ave

The Bluffs from Riverside Gardens Park

Zoom of the Oyster Point Hotel

Riverside Gardens Park and West Front Street

Boaters, from the park behind the Red Bank Public Library (unofficially "Library Park")

Molly Pitcher Inn

Riverview Towers

I also spent way too much time in high school hanging out on those oddly placed steps.

Riverview Towers, Navesink House, and the Navesink River waterfront

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