Fair Haven, NJ

September 26, 2004

These photos were taken in Fair Haven, NJ, located between Red Bank and Rumson on the south bank of the Navesink River. 77 Acres of land on the south side of town were acquired by the borough in 1975 and became Fair Haven Fields, a Monmouth County Park. Those more interested in the location of Fair Haven Fields, click here. 37 acres of the property are designated for tennis, baseball, and soccer fields, but the remaining 40 acres has been set aside to remain virtually untouched except for a few benches, foot bridges, and walking paths. None of the photos' contents were altered from how I found them.

Moss. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 2.0 s exposure at F8.0) Width of visible area = 2 inches

Fallen leaf. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 0.8 s at F8.0) Width = 4 in.

Cropped image above.

Three fallen leaves. (Manual focus, 1.0 s at F8.0) Width = 1.5 ft.

Central Pake from southwest. (Auto focus, ND Filter, 1.0 s at F8.0)

Red and green leaves. (Auto focus with zoom, 1/125 s at F8.0). Width = 1 ft.

Small white flowers. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 1/25 s at F8.0). Width = 2-3 in.

Spider web between tree trunks. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 2 s at F8.0). Width = 8-10 in.

Central Pond from northeast. (Auto focus, 1/6 s at F8.0).

Berries. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 1/20 s at F2.8). Width = 2 in.

Berries. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 0.3 s at F8.0). Width = 2 in.

Cropped image above.

Cropped image above.

Fungus on the bottom of a fallen branch. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 2.5 s @ F8.0). Width = 3 in.

Typical path. (Manual focus, ND filter, no exposure/aperture data).

North foot bridge. (Manual focus, ND filter, no exposure data, approx F4.5).

Another typical path. (Auto focus, 10 s @ F8.0).

Fallen tree. (Manual focus, ND filter, 10 sec @ F8.0). Width = 3 ft.

Small yellow flowers. (Manual focus, super macro mode, 1/40 s @ F2.8). Width = 3 in.

Overgrowth! (Auto focus, ND filter, 0.3 sec @ F2.8).

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