July 26, 2004

Sometimes the scenery during takeoff demands that FAA regulations about Portable Electronic Devices be broken.
Note (1/5/05): I fixed the color on a few of these today, which is why some look drastically better than others here.
At some point I may get to them all.

US Airways Terminal during taxi to the runway

The airport's main control tower

Airport Marriott

Downtown Camden and the Delaware River to the north

With the Betsy Ross Bridge in the background

The Ben Franklin Bridge, Delaware River and Interstate 95. Within the city, much can be seen including
Society Hill Towers, The US Customs House, Independence Mall, Penn's Landing, and the Old City and Society Hillneighborhoods.

Washington Square and Market East neighborhoods, including the new St. James apartments (center)

Philadelphia's stunning skyscraper core: The Market West neighboorhood

The same, with City Hall and the Pennsylvania Convention Center on the right

All of Center City except its most eastern neighborhoods (Old City and Society Hill), and Lower North Philadelphia

Art Museum and surrounding area: I76 and the Schuylkill, and half of Eastern State Penitentiary at the upper right

A mile or so further west on I76.

City Ave

Intersection of I276 and I476 in Plymouth Meeting, west of Philadelphia

And one in the Detroit suburbs

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