August 8, 2004

I thought I had taken every possible photo in Philadelphia's skyscraper center, the Market West neighborhood in western Center City. But with a new camera capable of wider angles, tighter zooms, and higher resolution, I thought I'd give it another go.

I started at 17th and Callowhill, near the dark grey building on the far left (One Franklin Town Apartments), and took a few shots in Franklintown Park.


This guy's doing it the hard way. Looking southeast

The construction site of the Tivoli condominiums (only 10 stories to be)

Granary Building from the southwest

Top of Cityview II Condominiums, dim during daylight hours

Cityview I and II, from the southwest on North 21st Street.

Bell Atlantic Tower, One Logan Square, One Liberty Place, Mellon Bank Center

Looking southeast along the Ben Franklin Parkway. Thumbs down for the oversaturated City Hall.


Looking up the east side of the Board of Education Building

Lantern near the east entrance

Rowhomes on North 21st

Zoom up and east: Bell Atlantic Tower and bit of Two Logan Square


Looking southeast: the top of Independence Blue Cross Tower

Skyscraper crowd: the back side of Market Street buildings

On to Market Street: 2000 Market from the northwest

Looking up

Looking west, on the north side of Market: Independence Blue Cross Tower (IBX) and more

IBX glass details at the top of the west side

The west side

Looking up from the southwest: 1818 Market reflected

Down to Chestnut St: Two Liberty Place and the 1700 block


More of beautiful Two Liberty Place

Back up to Market Street: William Penn at the top of City Hall

Belltower of One South Broad

City Hall from the northwest

Facade details

Center City's largest leaves

Statue near City Hall, and Residence Inn

Tip of the Masonic Temple across from City Hall


Masonic Temple and City Hall

Masonic Temple

One Liberty Place spying on me from a window of the Masonic Temple

Church at Arch and North Broad, just to the north

Love that evaluative white balance: not bad for shooting into the sun

Commando-style trip to the 25th floor of the Wyndham. Looking northeast (forgive the poor contrast, the windows are dirty).

Philadelphia Inquirer Building

Zooming to the northeast: Philly, the Delaware River, and Pennsauken, NJ (mostly)

Due south toward Libery Place

The required zoom

VERTICAL PANORAMA - SCROLL DOWN - More One Liberty than you ever wanted

Back on land. Read the sign

GlaxoSmithKline Annex: Three Franklin Plaza

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