August 22 - September 17, 2007

With some extra time and motivated by a late-summer cool-down, the streets of Philly were my home many evenings over this 27-day period.

Self-portrait and unintentional Korn album cover tribute

Skyline from Race Street

Gardens behind Society Hill Towers

Comcast Center from JFK Boulevard

Small, dense part of the skyline from the South Street Bridge

National Constitution Center

Schuylkill Ave in G-Ho

Skyline from the Spring Garden Street Bridge

One and Two Liberty Place

Masonic Temple

Carousel Shoppe

Cira Centre

Franklin Square

South Street Bridge

Ben Franklin Bridge

Ozzfest and the Philly skyline from Camden

Skyline and Interstate 76 from the South Street Bridge


Cira Centre

Waterworks Restaurant and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Somber sunflower in Fitler Square

The Drake

Lunar eclipse on August 28

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