New York City

August 7, 2004

All of the photos that I've posted so far have been taken with an Olympus Stylus 300, a 3.2 MP point-and-shoot that has produced some surprisingly good shots. It had been getting a little beat up, and focus was slightly screwed up when zooming, but it was still doing the job.

But about a month ago, when the LCD screen crapped out, I knew it was time to move on.

So I did some research on the internet and by speaking to a bunch of people, and decided on a Canon PowerShot Pro1, which I purchased yesterday thanks to a Best Buy credit card.

Let's see what 8 MP and a 7X zoom will do for me.

There's a great spot to see the New York (and a few other) skylines from a distance in Highlands, NJ. I've been there with my old camera before: click here.

It's cool in person, but a mediocre camera just can't do it justice. I figured this would be a great spot to test the new one.

Here is part of the overlook area

Before we view the skylines, a look at the other scenery. This is part of Sandy Hook, NJ in the foreground, and Long Island in the background.

More Sandy Hook

This spot is about 20 miles from Manhattan. See the little pin-pricks of buildings on the horizon? You can see them in person, but not very well, and it's hard to get a good photo

Let's get a little closer: The Verrazano Bridge, Jersey City, and both NY skylines

Jersey City, Downtown, Midtown, Brooklyn

New York City skylines: Downtown, Midtown, Brooklyn


Midtown and Brooklyn

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