October 14, 2004

Jacksonville's Acosta Bridge spans the St. John's river to join downtown's North and South Riverfront neighborhoods. The Acosta Bridge is shown in the foreground of the photo below:

On October 14 I parked near the base of the bridge along the North Riverfront and took a walk up the bridge to enjoy its amazing views.

(This photo was taken in Starke, FL, on my way to Jacksonville from Tampa.)

Trying to find a parking spot: heading east on Water Street

Top of the Bank of America Tower

Top of the Wachovia Building

Charles E. Bennett Federal Building

North Riverfront skyscrapers at the center of the city

Sculpture at the entrance to 550 Water Street

Walk up the bridge begins: across the river to the Prudential Plaza complex

CSX Transportation Building

Both riverfronts and the Main Street Bridge

Zoom of the Hart Bridge

Way in the distance: the amazing Dames Point Bridge

One of the nation's ugliest buildings

South Riverfront's tallest and #4 in Jacksonville: 432 ft tall RiverPlace Tower

Two Prudential Plaza: #7, 205 ft.

South Riverfront

Jacksonville Landing shopping area and base of the Modis Tower

Enormous label on the Modis Tower sign

Modis Tower, #2 at 535 ft.

Newly acquired SunTrust Tower, formerly Jacksonville Center - #5 at 357 ft.

Riverfront lobby of the CSX Transportation Building

Times Union Center

Bank of America Tower - #1 at 617 ft.

North Riverfront

Panorama of the entire view! SCROLL RIGHT --------->

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