Sioux City, IA

August 19, 2005

After spending a week in Sioux Falls, SD, I took a Friday afternoon drive back to Omaha to catch my flight back to Philadelphia. Interstate 29, the direct route between the two cities, passes through Sioux City, IA, about 1/3 of the way from Sioux Falls to Omaha. Rather than rushing to Omaha so I could sit in a hotel room, I spent a few hours of late afternoon walking around downtown Sioux City.

Heading into the city on foot, near the I29 off-ramp

Odd fort built out of branches on the lawn of the Sioux City Art Center

Architectural sin

I shudder to think of it, but I think the original bank mentioned above was demolished to make way for this:

City Hall

Woodbury County Courthouse, which is a National Historic Landmark

Interesting architecture for a janitorial supply store

It may have been paranoia, but standing outside this building, things started to smell moldy. I moved on quickly.

View from behind the church

Historic Fourth Street is the tourism center of town

I'm sure the adult book shop irks the Convention & Visitors Bureau

Sioux City Convention Center

Clarion Hotel

The beautiful Badgerow Building

After a dinner in Sioux City, I got back on I29 to return to Omaha. After about 20 minutes of driving, I couldn't resist pulling over in the small farm town of Salix, IA, to take a few photos of this awe-inspiring sunset over the Iowa Farmland.

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