January 1, 2005

Although it always seemed like an interesting experience, I honestly doubted that I would ever see the Mummers' Day Parade, since it required actually getting up and doing something on the day after New Years Eve, better known to most people as New Years Day. But somehow, this year I was able to get up at 8 AM to make it to Philly in time for the early morning Comics section of the parade.

A new sign? Strange I had never noticed it before (near 16th and Cherry).

On the Ben Franklin Parkway

The weather was unseasonably warm - over 60 degrees.

Bright outfits on 16th Street

A float on Market Street, with the Masonic Temple in the right background.

Is he pointing at me?

Love it or hate it, Claes Oldenburg's 45 ft. clothespin in the Centre Square Plaza has been there since 1976.

Don't talk to strangers!

On to South Broad Street

Buffet in front of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Looking east down Chestnut Street

Land Title and Trust Building Annex from the northeast

God Bless America

This guy had some moves.

Want a sip, little guy?

Classic South Broad...

The Pimpin' Pirates

...Classy South Broad. It's all about the children at the Mummers Day Parade.

230 South Broad Street stands above Locust Street.

Looking up the east side of The Atlantic Building

The Froggy Car group.

Silly-string battle

Someone got lost in the middle of a parade.

Cops and cleanup crew waste no time.

Back up to South Penn Square

Market Street

Let the after-party begin on 16th Street

The east side of Five Penn Center

Yep, it's all about the kids.

Orange juice, I'm sure.

America's Greats honored in one masterpiece

Love Park

Three Parkway Offices

Outfit of the day?

Want to catch the real flavor of the Mummers Day parade? Check out this movie! (640 x 480, 25 seconds, 23.9 MB)

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