October 1-30, 2006

Stained glass image of Jesus in the chapel of Cavalry United Methodist Church in University City. One day, during a mass, a bird flew directly through Jesus' face and into the building. (Amazing, because there are five or six other glass images of "lesser" religious figures in the same room.) Believing that it was some kind of sign, the members rebuilt the glass with a clear pane rather than the original face.

Above-mentioned chapel, Cavalry United Methodist Church.

Exterior of Cavalry United Methodist Church from Baltimore Ave.

Stained-glass in the main room of the Cavalry United Methodist Church.

Main room of the Cavalry United Methodist Church, which is not in use awaiting funding for renovation.

Fighters from the Philadelphia (Barony of Bhakail) chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism on the UPenn Campus.

Dome in the chapel of the church.

The Hub on Chestnut. The green was not that color in the renderings, but we like it anyway. We probably wouldn't if it were in Center City.

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