August 17, 2005

On my way to Sioux Falls, SD, I flew into Omaha, NE, about three hours south. The morning after my evening flight, before heading up Interstate 29 to Sioux Falls, I went across the Missouri River to Council Bluffs, IA, in search of a nice angle to shoot the Omaha skyline at sunrise.

I started off to the southeast of downtown Omaha, near Council Bluffs' Harrah's Casino.

Other than those photos, the view there didn't offer much. So I drove a few miles north and was ready to give up until I saw a small park just north of the I480 bridge from Council Bluffs toward downtown Omaha.

I walked west in search of some riverfront property.

This looks promising...

Omaha across the Missouri River

This panorama is below. Scroll right.

Scroll right ---------->

Back to the car for the drive to Sioux Falls

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