March 21, 2004

The demolition of Veteran's Stadium in South Philly was scheduled for 7:00 AM. A crowd had begun to gather before 6:00.

The stadium from the northwest on South Broad Street. I'm sure I can find a better spot.

Looking north on South Broad toward Center City.

A crowd starts to climb up the hill toward Interstate 76, but the I76 rebellion is soon squashed
by police in cars with megaphones.

Beer and ladders don't mix.

An enormous crowd has gathered just north of I76.

The second I76 rebellion is also squashed, but this time it requires a foot soldier.

The front row of the stands might have one of the best views.

I76 rebellion #3 makes it all the way to the median!

Cars are still moving down the interstate, which has become a sidewalk.

The police clear us off to let the cars pass...

...earning a chant of "Asshole, Asshole!" from this ringleader.

I guess the police did have a good point.

A few straggler cars pass....

But the Vet beckons to the crowd....

Leading to I76 Rebellion #4!


As the moment of the implosion gets closer, a new chant: "Spark that blunt, spark that blunt!"


Suddenly we hear and feel a low rumble.

Holy shit!

Smoke anoints the new Phillies stadium, Citizens' Bank Park.

And only rubble remains.

For those following our harrowing sub-plots: Yes, the blunt did get sparked.

And the beer-drinkers on the roof survived.

Required skyline shots.

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