June 30, 2004

Starting with some of the more modest buildings and moving up:

345 Bayshore Boulevard

Huntington Bank Plaza

Hyatt Regency Tampa

Parkside of One Bayshore

Base of the Salvation Army Building near City Hall

Historic Tampa City Hall

One Mack-Cali Center, Tampa's 14th in height

SouthTrust Building, #12

Franklin Exchange Building, #11

Wachovia Center, #10

Hillsborough County Center, #7

400 North Ashley Plaza, #6

Park Tower, #5

SunTrust Financial Center, #4

One Tampa City Center, #3

Bank of America Plaza, #2

The AmSouth Building, one of my favorite in the United States under 600 ft: Tampa's tallest.

Some overall city and skyline shots.

Looking over the channel from behind 400 North Ashley Plaza.

Hillsborough County Center, One Mack-Cali Center

East Washington Street

From left: SunTrust Financial Centre, Salvation Army Building, One Tampa City Center, SouthTrust Building

SunTrust Financial and One Tampa City Center

City Hall in front of a partial skyline

City Hall, SunTrust, One Tampa City Center

SunTrust, One Tampa City Center, City Hall, AmSouth Building

From West John F. Kennedy Boulevard over Plant St. and the channel

Skyline from I275

Looking up between the AmSouth Building and the Wachovia Center

Skyline from the southwest on Plant St

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