August 31, 2004

I had an early flight to Seattle and shot up to Vancouver, just because I might never have another chance to visit.
It was a gray, rainy day, so the photos turned out to be pretty ugly in color. I don't recommend it, but if you really need to see them, click here.

The drive was three hours each way for a 1 1/2 hour visit, but it was a great city to see. Worth the ride? You tell me.

A lot of the drive in Washington state was beautiful, but for once I was driving rather than taking pictures.

Into Vancouver from the south via Olive Street.

I passed through the suburban area in the south section of the city, then moved over to Granville Street.
The Granville Street Bridge leads onto downtown's island. I couldn't capture it in the photos while driving,
but the skyline spreads unbelievably from the left to right.

After parking downtown near Richards and Davie I started walking north.

I would give the names of these buildings but I don't know many of them.

One Wall Centre: Vancouver's tallest (479 ft) and recipient of the 2001 award

The Electra on Nelson Street (293 ft)

Wall Center Suites (283 ft), another building in the same complex

Base of One Wall Centre

Base of the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel

All three buildings of the Wall Centre complex

On the move again

Walking southeast on Robson Street

Eastern corner of Robson and Burrard. I bought a CD at the Virgin Records.

Looking northeast on Burrard St.

Looking northwest on Alberni St.

Royal Centre (461 ft), Vancouver's 4th tallest

Cathedral Place (382 ft), 13th in the city

Scotia Tower (left, 452 ft., #8 in city), Vancouver Block (center, 263 ft.), Sears Pacific Centre (right)

One Wall Centre once again

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