Oklahoma City

February 26, 2004

The Oklahoma State Capitol Building

Side view from the west

Looking straight up the front

The West Wing

Detail near the front pillars

Right above the front door

Close-up of the seal

Among the columns

Looking up the west side

Inside we go. Second floor core.

Detail on the 4th floor ceiling

House of Representatives wing entrance

Close-up of the top of the dome

Stairs from the fourth floor to the front entrance

Interior detail

Looking down from the fourth floor

Stairs from the second to the third and fourth floors

I was about to leave when I started talking to a few guys that were getting off of work. They were dressed in suits and I commented on how beautiful the building was. We struck up a conversation, and one of them realized that he had forgotten his cell phone in the office, so he asked me to walk with them to go get it. It turns out they worked for the governor, and took me back into the governor's wing, which is not a public area.

And here, no shit, is the governor's desk. I even went and sat in the chair while they took my picture. Didn't expect to be sitting there when I woke up that morning.

One for the road

and the best for last

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