August 21-22, 2004

Possibly the most amazing sunset I've ever seen, viewed from my 10th floor balcony in Cherry Hill, NJ. It's located 9 miles from Center City Philadelphia.

It was a hazy, humid day, and this was my view for most of it.

But as the evening progressed, the clouds took on some of the suns color even though they were still blocking it from view.

For the black and white fans (I'm not one of them):

When the sun dropped into view, things were initially too bright. But as it got descended toward the horizon, the color show began.

A few of the photos were taken using the camera's tungsten white balance setting, which created a stunning blue effect.

The Philadelphia Airport flight path is pretty close.

I didn't even notice the bird when shooting, but his timing was good!

This is NOT a stitched panorama, just a full-size photo, cropped in the vertical direction. Scroll right ---------->

An odd light comes over the front of the buildings as the last sliver of the sun disappears.

The balconies

Over the Congregation Beth El Temple

Lucky time to be landing

Philadelphia's lights (forgive the blur, I lost my tripod)

The next morning continued to be beautiful

This panorama is below if you scroll right -------->

With building labels

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